Bottle Caps for Phosphoramidite and Reagents


It is used for Phosphoramidite bottle and Oligo synthesis reagent bottle, there are different types of the two caps, you can choose choose according to the requirements.

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Phosphoramidite Bottle Cap

It is used for Phosphoramidite bottle, there are two kinds of cap we can choose, Screw-top and bayonet bottles, customer can choose according to their requirements.

No. HY-H832 Individually packaged MOQ: 1 Set

Bottle Caps for Phosphoramidite bottle new1
Bottle Caps for Phosphoramidite bottle new2
Phosphoramidite Bottle Cap

Reagent Bottle Cap

Phosphoramidite Bottle Cap6
Phosphoramidite Bottle Cap5
Phosphoramidite Bottle Cap4

It is use for DNA RNA synthesis reagent, there are two tubes of the cap, one for air intake and the other for liquid output.

No. HY-H833 Individually packaged MOQ: 1 Set


1. Are you a factory or a trading company?
We are Top 3 manufacturers in China with three experimental sites, Beijing, Qingdao and Changsha city. The Beijing company focusing on manufacturing DNA RNA synthesizer and Accessories, Consumables, the Qingdao company is responsible for the R&D for the production of Modification Amidite, Changsha company is for the sales and technicians for overseas market.

Our products have received good feedback from our customers, and many companies have entered into cooperation with us, such as Thermal Fisher, BGI, Daan Genetics, GenScript and so on. We also cooperate with professional universities, such as Tsinghua University and Peking University.

2. Can you customize it to my needs?
We have an excellent design and development team that can customize the production according to your needs and make you satisfied, please be free to contact us for more information.

3. We are new to the industry and have no experience in DNA RNA synthesis, how can we start this project?
Our company has senior engineers with more than 10 years of experience and professional pre-sales service personnel to recommend the most suitable equipment and overall solution for you according to your need. What you get is not only the product but also the technology because have a perfect service system from choosing the equipment to starting the operation.

4. Shipping method and delivery time ?
For the equipment it usually ship by Sea and the Reagents, Amidite, etc send by Express. And we can also ship according to your requirements.
Normally in 25 working days for Equipment, if you need to custom and Modification Amidite, we can negotiate then.

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