Modified Amidite CPG for Oligo synthesis


The table shows some of the Modified Amidite and CPG, and we can also custom according to your requirements, please contact us for more information.

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Fluorescent Dyes

No.  Name  Molecular weight  Package Structural formula
A8001-100/250 5'-Fluorescein CE Phosphoramidite (6-Fam Amidite) 843.95 100mg /250mg 11
A8002-1000 3'-(6-Fluorescein) CPG (C3-Fam CPG) N/A 1g Fluorescent Dyes2
A8003-100/250 5'-Hexachloro-Fluorescein CE Phosphoramidite (6-HEX Amidite) 1050.61 100mg/250mg Fluorescent Dyes4

Cyanine Dyes

No.  Name  Molecular weight  Package Structural formula
C6001-100/1000 3’-Cy3-CPG N/A 100mg/1g Cyanine Dyes1
C6002-100/1000 3’-Cy5-CPG N/A 100mg/1g Cyanine Dyes2
A8004-100/250 Cy3 Amidite 983.64 100mg/250mg Cyanine Dyes3
A8005-100/250 Quasar 570 Amidite (Cy3 Amidite) 903.95 100mg/250mg Cyanine Dyes4
A8006-100/250 Quasar 670 Amidite (Cy5 Amidite) 940.03 100mg/250mg Cyanine Dyes5
A8007-10/25 Quasar 570 Carboxylic Acid 471.65 10mg/25mg Cyanine Dyes6
A8008-5/25 Quasar 570 Succinimidyl Ester 604.18 5mg/25mg Cyanine Dyes7
A8009-5/25 Quasar 670 Carboxylic Acid 497.69 5mg/25mg Cyanine Dyes8
A8010-5/25 Quasar 670 Succinimidyl Ester N/A 630.22 Cyanine Dyes9

Biotin Labeling

No.  Name  Molecular weight  Package Structural formula
C6003-250/1000 3'-Biotin CPG N/A 250mg/1g Biotin Labeling1
C6004-100/250 5'-Biotin Amidite 846.08 100mg/250mg Biotin Labeling2

Cholesterol Labeling

No.  Name  Molecular weight  Package Structural formula
A8011-250/1000 5’-Cholesteryl Amidite 586.87 250mg/1g Cholesterol Labeling1
C6005-1000 3’-Cholesteryl CPG N/A 1g Cholesterol Labeling2

Dabcyl Labeling

No.  Name  Molecular weight  Package Structural formula
C6006-100/1000 3'-Dabcyl CPG (DABCYL-C3-CPG) N/A 100mg/1g Dabcyl Labeling1

Black Hole Quencher Dyes

No. Name Molecular weight  Package Structural formula
C6007-100/1000 BHQ-0-CPG N/A 100mg/1g Black Hole Quencher Dyes1
C6008-100/1000 BHQ-1-CPG N/A 100mg/1g Black Hole Quencher Dyes2
C6009-100/1000 BHQ-2-CPG N/A 100mg/1g Black Hole Quencher Dyes3
C6009-100/1000 BHQ-3-CPG N/A 100mg/1g Black Hole Quencher Dyes4
A8012-100/250 BHQ-1 Amidite 676.75 100mg/250mg Black Hole Quencher Dyes5
A8013-100/250 BHQ-2 Amidite 678.72 100mg/250mg Black Hole Quencher Dyes6
A8014-100/250 BHQ-1-dT Amidite 1401.56 100mg/250mg Black Hole Quencher Dyes7
A8015-100/250 BHQ-2-dT Amidite 1403.53 100mg/250mg Black Hole Quencher Dyes8


No.  Name  Molecular weight  Package Structural formula
A8016-250 5'-Amino C6 Modifier Amidite(MMT) 589.76 250mg 5’-Modifiers1
A8017-250 PDA-Amino-C6 Amidite 478.57 250mg 5’-Modifiers2
A8018-100/250 5’-Amino-Modifier-C6-TFA CEP 413.42 100mg/250mg 5’-Modifiers3
A8019-100/250 5’-Amino-C7-Amidite 872.04 100mg/250mg 5’-Modifiers4
A8020-100/250 5'-Carboxy Amidite 412.54 100mg/250mg 5’-Modifiers5
A8021-250 5'-Aldehyde-C2 Amidite 480.58 250mg 5’-Modifiers6
A8022-250 5'-Acrydite  Amidite (Methacrylate C6 Amidite) 385.48 250mg 5’-Modifiers7
A8023-250 5'-Phosphate-Amidite 656.77 100mg/250mg 5’-Modifiers8
A8024-250 5'-Butyne  Amidite 270.31 100mg/250mg 5’-Modifiers9


No. Name  Molecular weight  Package Structural formula
C6010-1000 2’,3’-ddC-CPG N/A 1g 3'-Modifiers1
C6011-100/1000 3’-Phosphate-CPG N/A 100mg/1g 3’-Modifiers2
C6012-1000 3'-Amino-Modifier C7 CPG N/A 1g 3’-Modifiers3
C6013-1000 3'-Hexynyl-CPG(炔基CPG) N/A 1g 3’-Modifiers4
C6014-1000 3'-Azido-CPG(叠氮CPG) N/A 1g 3’-Modifiers5
C6015-1000 3'-DMT-dT-CPG N/A 1g 3’-Modifiers6

Spacer Modifiers

No. Name Molecular weight Package Structural formula
A8025-250 C3 Spacer Amidite 578.69 250mg Spacer Modifiers1
A8026-250 C6 Spacer Amidite 620.75 250mg Spacer Modifiers2
A8027-250 C12 Spacer Amidite 704.93 250mg Spacer Modifiers3
A8028-250 Spacer 9  Amidite 652.76 250mg Spacer Modifiers5
A8029-250 Spacer 12 Amidite 696.82 250mg Spacer Modifiers6
A8030-250 Spacer 18  Amidite 784.93 250mg Spacer Modifiers7
A8031-100/250 dSpacer  Amidite 620.73 100mg/250mg Spacer Modifiers8
C6016-1000 3’-Spacer C3 CPG N/A 1g Spacer Modifiers9
C6017-1000 3’-idSpacer  CPG N/A 1g Spacer Modifiers10

Eclipse Labeling

No. Name Molecular weight Package Structural formula
C6018-1000 3’-Eclipse-CPG N/A 1g Eclipse Labeling

Other Labeling reagents

No. Name Molecular weight Package Structural formula
A8032-100/250 Fmoc Amino C6 dT 1121.28 100mg/250mg Other Labeling reagents1
A8033-250 DMT-dI Amidite 754.81 250mg Other Labeling reagents2
A8034-250 DMT-dT-Alkynyl Amidite 845.97 250mg Other Labeling reagents3
A8035-5000 Sulfurizing  Reagent Ⅳ 234.33 5g Other Labeling reagents4
A8036-100/250 CFR 610 Amidite 919.91 100mg/250mg Other Labeling reagents5
A8037-10/25 CAL Fluor Red 610 Carboxylic Acid 735.7 10mg/25mg Other Labeling reagents6

What we do?

Modified Amidite and CPG new

Honya Biotech focuses on DNA/RNA Synthesizer, Dispensing Reaction Integration Workstations, Pipetting and Elution Workstations, Deprotection Equipment, Amidite Dissolved Equipment, Purification Workstation, Synthesis Columns, Phosphonamidites, Modification Amidite, Synthesis Reagents, various consumables, etc, to provide you with the fastest and most efficient DNA/RNA synthesis products and services in the world. We can also customize our instruments to meet customer requirements, making DNA/RNA synthesis faster and more flexible.

We are constantly improving the performance of our products, perfecting our production process and getting the details right. We not only provide you with high quality products, but also provide you with training and service. We are equipped with professional management staff and excellent technical team and maintenance personnel to provide our customers with perfect after-sales service.


Are you a factory or a trading company?
We are Top 3 manufacturers in China with three experimental sites, Beijing, Qingdao and Changsha city. The Beijing company focusing on manufacturing DNA RNA synthesizer and Accessories, Consumables, the Qingdao company is responsible for the R&D for the production of Modification Amidite, Changsha company is for the sales and technicians for overseas market.

Our products have received good feedback from our customers, and many companies have entered into cooperation with us, such as Thermal Fisher, BGI, Daan Genetics, GenScript and so on. We also cooperate with professional universities, such as Tsinghua University and Peking University.

Shipping method and delivery time?
For the equipment it usually ship by Sea and the Reagents, Amidite, etc send by Express. And we can also ship according to your requirements.
Normally in 25 working days for Equipment, if you need to custom and Modification Amidite, we can negotiate then.

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