Phosphoramidite Dissolving Equipment


This equipment dissolve the powdered or oily Phosphoramidite in anhydrous acetonitrile to avoid contact with air. And you can use it on the synthesizer after dissolution.

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It is used in dissolving the amidite in none-water environment, which is suitable for different standard amidite bottle. The bottle dissolution volume can reach 5-450ml. The quantities of bottle can be customized according to customer's need. The valve of this equipment we adopts BURKET brand from Germany, and one bottle for one valve. We recommend to install the dehumidifier in lab with high humidity. It can make sure the amidite reaches the best synthesis performance. Because the amidite should avoid contacting with the moisture. If the amidite are in the high humidity environment. The synthesis efficiency will be influenced.

The opened reagent and amidite should be dried with molecular trap.

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12 Channel Dissolving Instrument


1. It suitable for various bottle types, the dissolving volume of the bottle is 0.5-45ml.
2. Configure the number of liquid inlet bottles according to customer needs (the standard volume is 4L reagent bottles), with professional bottle caps, and users can allocate liquid positions by themselves.
3. All pipelines, joints and key positions are made of corrosion-resistant materials.
4. Each bottle is equipped with an independent valve, and the valve adopts the Burkert (German).
5. Add steel needles to the mouth, one for adding liquid, one for exhausting, and one for cleaning steel needles.
6. Each channel works independently.
7. Electronic valve calibration system.
8. There is a waste liquid groove to facilitate the collection of waste liquid when cleaning the steel needle.
9. There is an independent, freely movable acetonitrile pipeline for washing or free liquid injection, the length is 30cm~40cm.


And we can also provide the 14 Channel, 18 Channel, and other model according to your requirements.

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