HY 12 DNA RNA Oligo Synthesizer for Medium synthesis


Synthesized primers can be used for sequencing reactions, SNP loci, detection kits, hybridization and reverse transcription, polymerase chain reaction (PCR), etc. You can also synthesis other primers with different programs.

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Synthesis scale 25nmol-300umol
Cycle time 4-6 minutes
Amidite bottle 12 (standard), it can expand to 20 sets
Reagent bottle 9 sets
Reagent position Single (Standard), it can expand to double bottle
Waste liquid discharge Negative pressure with Vacuum pump
Required gas   Nitrogen or Argon
Optional Trityl Monitor
Power single-phase 220V
Working Temperature 25°C±4°C
Relative Humidity within 45%
Persistence operate continuously and normally
Computer Dell
Monitor LCD
Weight 86 kg
Warranty 1 year
HY 12 Synthesizer2

Various types

It can be custom

HY 12 Synthesizer5

It adopt X-Y motion module with
faster speed and more space-saving.


1. Environmental friendly. Vacuum diaphragm pump adopts vacuum system to avoid pollution.
2. Long service time of valves, the precision can reach 5ul.
3. Low maintenance cost and perfect performance.
4. LCD monitors.

Channel 12 Synthesis product DNA/RNA Fluorescent labels, probes, thio, etc.
Synthesis mode Reagents are injected separately Synthesis cycle (20mer) 12 primers of 20bp within 2.5 hours
Cycle time 6-8 minutes Synthesis Scale   25nmol-300umol
Coupling rate >99% Max length 120bp
Product carrying Synthesis columns Waste liquid discharge Vacuum pump with negative pressure extraction
Amidite / reagent punch-in Reagents are injected separately Amidite / reagent drive Protective gas press-out

Amidite bottle  

12 sets(standard), 20 sets (max expand) Reagent bottle 9 sets
Reagent bottle Single bottle(standard), it can expand to Two bottles Size of reagent bottle 450ml/4L and other size
Synthesis of annexation bases Automatic synthesis of mix amidite without manual reagent configuration System Windows 7
Data Import Automatic load of sequences via Excel sheets Reagent versatility Universal
Gas Nitrogen or argon Exterior colour Frosted Black
Size of reagent tube OD1/8", ID1/16" Size of Phosphoramidite tube OD1/16", ID 0.8mm
Dimension 910mm*650mm*540mm Gross Size 1200mm*700mm*600mm


1. Simple Independent operating system software with log function.
2. You can set up the synthesis program by yourself, variety of synthesis scales are available; in addition, Probe, thio, primer can be synthesized at the same time.
3. The software is also easy to set up, the starting base for synthesis can be selected according to the nature of the carrier base, and the starting position for synthesis can also be selected.

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