HY 192 DNA RNA oligo synthesizer for high throughput


Synthetic primers can be used for sequencing reactions, SNP sites, polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology, hybridization and reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction and gene construction, and conforms to ISO, GMP synthesis. It can synthesis other primers with different programs.

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Single channel synthesis scale 5nmol-1umole.
Synthesis cycle time up to 6-8 minutes
Synthesis cycle (20mer) 2-3 hours
Phosphoramidite bottle base 8 sets
Reagent bottle base 7 sets
Base bottle 60/240/480ml screw mouth universal reagent bottle interface
Auxiliary reagent bottle GL38 bottle mouth, use for universal 4L reagent bottles .
Reagent driving method protective gas down pressure type
Waste liquid discharge positive pressure
Coupling rate 99%
The maximum length exceeds 120mer
Power supply Single-phase 220V.
Working temperature 20C°± 5C°
Relative humidity within 40%.
Persistence of the operation It can operate normally and continuously.
Monitor LCD
Warranty 1 Year


1. Each reagent is an independent channel from the liquid storage bottle to the synthesis column without other channels cross.
2. The activator and Phosphoramidite are added sequentially during the coupling process and premixed on the synthesis column to carry out the reaction.
3. It is equipped with two plates with a total of 192 synthesis columns and 12-20 base bottle ports.
4. In addition to 4 standard bases and synthetic auxiliary reagents, there are also 8 modified bases, which can be synthesized as required, such as thiomodification, or other fluorescent modifications and double-labeled TAQMAN probes, etc. More than 8 special bases.
5. It has automatic synthesis and consolidation of bases without the need for pre-mixing of Phosphoramidites.
6. During the whole process of synthesis, there is a certain amount in the synthesis chamber (the amount of gas can be adjusted) The protective gas is filled to prevent air from entering the synthesis cavity and affect the synthesis quality.
7. Reagents and Phosphoramidite can be loaded into two bottles at one time, which can effectively increase the time of single synthesis without frequent replacement of reagents.
8. Equipped with a cleaning switch valve, and acetonitrile and argon can be used to flush pipelines and valves to avoid blockage of pipelines and valves caused by long-term idling of the equipment.
9. The equipment has the functions of self-checking and protection, power-off, suspend and continue.
10. Working conditions and safety requirements conform to relevant Chinese and international standards or regulations.

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