HY Single Channel Synthesizer for large scale


Synthesized primers can be used for sequencing reactions, SNP loci, detection kits, hybridization and reverse transcription, polymerase chain reaction (PCR), etc. You can also synthesis other primers with different programs.

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Synthesis scale  500nmol-7mmol
Amidite bottle  8 sets
Reagent bottle 7 sets
Cycle Time 6-8minutes
Power  Single-phase 220V.
Working Temperature  25°C±4°C
Relative Humidity     Within 45%
Persistence   It can operate continuously and normally
Weight 40kg    
Size 500×500×700mm
Warranty 1 year


HY Single Channel Synthesizer for large scale new


1. The innovative use of the stirring function of filler and reagents effectively shortens the reaction time and improves the synthesis efficiency.
2. Each reagent is a separate channel from the reservoir to the synthesis column, and there is no other channel. It effectively prevents mutual contamination between liquids.
3. It can be filled with 100g of CPG powder and 40g of resin. and the fully closed synthesis environment effectively avoids the influence of moisture and air contamination.
4. Small and exquisite size, bare machine size is 550*550*460mm, integrated win7 computer screen, no need for external computer.
5. In addition to 4 standard bases and synthesis auxiliary reagents, there are 4 modified base ports, which can synthesize bases such as FAM, amino modification, thio modification, other fluorescent modifications, double-labeled TAQMAN probes, etc. as needed.
6. The combined bases are synthesized automatically during the whole synthesis process without manual configuration.
7. The reagents can be loaded into two bottles at a time, which can effectively increase the single synthesis time without frequent reagent replacement.
8. The waste liquid is forced to be discharged under positive pressure, and the waste liquid outlet is small to avoid environmental pollution.
9. It has self-test and protection functions, as well as pause and resume functions. Under special circumstances such as power failure, the synthesis can be continued according to the situation.
10. Integrated computer built-in.
11. The unique mixing design ensures efficient synthesis.
12. The Valve has long service time and high accuracy.
13. Simple pipelines of 1/8 and 1/16. Low maintenance costs and excellent performance. performance.


1. Independent operating system software, simple operation, log function.
2. Set up the synthesis program by yourself. A variety of synthesis scales are available; in addition, probes, thiols, and primers can be synthesized at the same time.
3. In terms of functions, the software settings are also more convenient. The synthesis starting base can be selected according to the nature of the carrier, or the synthesis starting position can be independently selected.

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