Honya Biotech | 2023 Fun Team-building Activities for Work


On July. 16, 2023, the China-leading manufacturer of oligo synthesis products, Honya Biotech Co.,Ltd, held its 2023 banquet and team building activities in Beijing City. With fun, fast-paced and energetic team activities, we learn from each other and take our team out of their comfort zone. This will be a powerful shared experience that will get our team thinking and talking about where the business is heading - and one that will be remembered long after the event.



Before start team bulding activities, Honya Biotech's CEO & members of managers are holding a report for middle-year summary meeting. In this conforence, we introduce each other to enhance memberships and share the great achievement of 2023's company success. We firmly believe, with our great efforts, we would achieve and  to be the No.1  Oligo syntheizer & raw material manufacturer  in China and provide the customers worldwide with excellent products and service.  We are commited to provide every customer with  Best Oligo Syntheis Solution!


After the meeting, we start a game which we call “Where is my right holy water?”.Tthe organizer split-up members into 6 teams, each team has it’s own leader, and the task for them is to help looking for holy water, the final results would according to how team works and finished the game. In this game, members learned how to gain knowledge and develop skills to improve team work performance. The weather was so hot that day and everyone was tired, but none of them were give up but to have positive cooperation.


Next, we organized game of Floor Curling. Teams determine who has “Hammer” (or last stone) in the opening ”end”, usually by way of a coin toss. Having the last rock is considered an advantage.Stones are delivered in an alternating manner. Red, yellow, red, yellow, or vice versa, until all 16 stones are played. Once all sixteen (16) stones are played an “end” is completed and scoring is tabulated (see below). In this game, we learned while there is stone, there is a way that we can find, work together and encourage each other! 


At last, it was really a wonderful experience for entire teamwork, we have established ourselves into a solid performer focusing on end-to-end oligo synthesis solutions, while expanding the scope to meet the growing demands and needs of Biotechnology labs worldwide. 

Post time: Jul-17-2023