How to Choose a DNA RNA Oligonucleotide Synthesizer

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Questions to ask before choosing a DNA RNA Oligonucleotide Synthesizer

1. Are you using synthesis for R&D or production?
Different laboratory settings require varying levels of regulation. Typically, production facilities require specific regulatory documents and services to ensure quality and consistency. Some companies selling DNA RNA oligonucleotide synthesizer only offer instruments and do not offer the necessary documents and services required for production facilities. Services and documents may include Instrument Qualification (IQ), Operational Qualification (OQ), Preventative Maintenance (PM) and more.

2. Are you looking for a turnkey, all-in-one oligonucleotide synthesis solution?
Deciding on a DNA RNA oligonucleotide synthesis is only a part of the entire oligonucleotide synthesis process that needs to be considered. Synthesis consumable compatibility and synthesis protocols are examples of other decisions that play a role in the consideration of purchasing an oligonucleotide synthesizer. Does the synthesizer come with working protocols to get oligonucleotide synthesis experiments started? Are the protocols compatible to work with readily available synthesis consumables? Are synthesis protocols easily modifiable using the instrument’s software?

3. Are you using any special modifications such as dyes, spacers, or non-standard amidites?
Oligonucleotide synthesizers can vary in reagent configuration. Depending on the synthesizer, number of bottle reagents and tubing can vary. Determining the number of special reagents you will need will determine the number of reagent bottle positions you need.
Another feature you need to consider is the instrument’s software capabilities. Is the instrument able to easily distinguish and dispense from special reagents? Are the coupling times and other parameters modifiable? How does the instrument handle special modifications to the oligo?

4. On average, how many oligos do you plan to make per day or week or month or year?
Determining the amount of oligos you plan on synthesizing will help determine your oligo throughput, or rate at which you will be synthesizing oligos. DNA RNA Oligonucleotide synthesizers can range from low / medium throughput, to high / ultra-high throughput.
Depending on your use case, a small to medium throughput oligo synthesizer is a great choice for smaller laboratories looking to experiment with different molecules, or just need a few oligos per day / week. A high / ultra-high throughput instrument may be better suited for larger production ready laboratories, or any laboratory that needs higher yields.

5.How many oligos can your instruments make in a day?
The number of oligos that an instrument can make per day depends on the length of your oligo. Honya synthesizers are offered in medium, high, and ultra-high throughput to match any output your project may need. 

6.What is maintenance like?
HonyaBio offers varying levels of service plans, preventative maintenance, instrument quality, and operational quality services to keep your instrument running smoothly. Let us handle the maintenance so you can focus on your experiments.

7. Which instrument do you recommend?
We offer a variety of instruments and accessories for every project. Our knowledgeable engineers and sales team will happily guide you through your purchasing journey, and to find the right instrument for your use case. 

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Post time: Sep-08-2022