2023 NAD Nucleic Acid Medicine and mRNA Vaccine Industry Summit | Conference Review


The 2023 Nucleic Acid Medicine and mRNA Vaccine Industry Summit had been held on the 3rd floor of Suzhou Nikko Hotel on March 10th ~11th. Experts from domestic and foreign in the file of nucleic acid medicine had togethered to share the latest technological breakthroughs and progress in R&D of Nucleic Acid Drugs. At this conference, our company, Honya Biotech Co., Ltd as the main invited manufacturer, demonstrated our core products and shared the latest nucleic acid synthesis technology.


During the R&D process, traditional small-molecule and iomacromolecule medicine for the restriction of molecualar structures, which are”Undruggability” ; For RNA (ribonucleic acid),which is an important bridge connecting genes and proteins, so nucleic acid drugs not restricted by its structure, it has “druggability”. In addition, compared with traditional medicine, RNA drug effect is stronger and more durable, and it is expected to overcome the problems of “insufficient efficacy” of existing therapies. At present, mRNA vaccines, small interfering RNA (siRNA), and antisense oligonucleotides (ASO) are the main forms of nucleic acid medicine development in clinical practice.

With the innovation of gene sequencing, chemical modification and delivery system, nucleic acid medicine is about to usher in a harvest period and are expected to become a new generation of iterative treatment options.


Honya Biotech design and build reliable and innovative DNA/RNA Synthesizers for nearly 10 decades. Customers all over the world use nucleic acids produced by our Honya synthesizers for their unique purposes. We provide high-quality raw material resources for the global biomedical science research field (basic research, molecular diagnosis, nucleic acid medicine research and development, etc.), and help the biomedical industry to move forward.


Post time: Mar-26-2023