China Nucleic Acid Drug and Neotype Vaccine Industrial Conference 2022.

The conference featured nearly 100 leading international pharmaceutical companies. Experts actively discussed hot topics and opportunities for industrial innovation.

China Nucleic Acid Drug and Neotype Vaccine Industrial Conference1

According to Evaluate Pharma, the global Nucleic Acid Drug market will exceed US$8 billion by 2024, with a CAGR of 35% from 2018 to 2024.

The vaccine has growing rapidly, especially the mRNA vaccines, furthering the industry's development. At the same time, with the advent of the post-epidemic era, Under the pressure of epidemic prevention, countries are actively seeking breakthroughs in various cutting-edge vaccine technologies, and the vaccine industry has become a rapidly developing industry. In particular, mRNA vaccines have shined in this epidemic, which has further promoted the development of the industry.

China Nucleic Acid Drug and Neotype Vaccine Industrial Conference2

Large number of new drug technologies have emerged in the biomedical field in recent years, and nucleic acid drugs are one of the pillars of this third revolution in biotechnology. As traditional small molecule drugs are at the critical stage of "target depletion", nucleic acid drugs provide a new direction and idea for drug discovery and development. Unlike traditional small molecules or antibodies, nucleic acid drugs have unparalleled advantages in terms of number of targets, drug design cycle, target specificity, high efficiency and durability, making it possible to actively design drugs for the fundamental treatment of diseases at the nucleic acid level, and nucleic acid drugs are expected to usher in the third wave of modern new drugs after small molecules and antibodies.

China Nucleic Acid Drug and Neotype Vaccine Industrial Conference3

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China Nucleic Acid Drug and Neotype Vaccine Industrial Conference4

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