Full Solution for IVD Companies to Cut High Raw Materials Costs

DMT-dC(Bz)-CE Phosphoramidite (standard) DMT-dG(i-Bu)-CE Phosphoramidite (standard) DMT-dG(dmf)-CE Phosphoramidite (fast cleavage) DMT-dT-CE Phosphoramidite DMT-dA(Bz)-CE Phosphoramidite


All over the world have to deal with the high cost of raw materials, and it is seriously affecting many IVD and other companies in this industry.

To help with all customers in this situation, HonyaBiotech has a full Oligo synthesis cycle solution for IVD feedstock production. — HY-12 mid-throughput Synthesizer, customised supporting fully automated instrumentation, high quality Synthesis Amidite and Synthesis Reagents and full production training services.

In 3 months, some of our customers feeback they are able to complete its own production of IVD feedstock, significantly reducing production costs, while receiving full process guidance and responding to production process issues at any time, saving time and costs.





Limitations of solid-phase oligonucleotide synthesis 

Although DNA synthesis is efficient, impurities inevitably accumulate. The synthesis of a 20mer oligodeoxynucleotide involves over 100 individual chemical steps, each with the potential for unwanted side reactions. In addition to the accumulation of failed fragments caused by incomplete coupling, the excision of the oligonucleotide chain after depurination can also produce truncated end fragments.

Chemical modifications of base heterocycles sometimes occur, and the modified oligonucleotide products may be mutagens, which can easily cause serious problems in biological experiments. Due to the occurrence of side reactions, to obtain very high purity oligonucleotides, it is necessary to use the best method for purification.

Post time: Sep-06-2022