Pharmaceutical Industry and R&D Investment of Biopharmaceuticals

      The development of the global pharmaceutical industry in 2023 is still in a period of shocks,while domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies will also pay more attention to R & D investment. In the next decade, the pharmaceutical industry may still face tremendous changes, the biggest changing is global policy environment. In the environment of great change, pharmaceutical companies also have a variety of ways to deal with it, such as product iteration, marketing branch, model innovation and so on.

         The pharmaceutical companies are also facing greater challenges upwards. Now, the pharmaceutical companies pay more attention to R&D investment and increase budgets.The research shows that some well-known companies have invested as much as 3.6 billion in research and development, and CanSino’s COVID-19 vaccine had spent more than1.014 billion in R&D investment. And BeiGene’s TIGIT inhibitor invested $2.9 billion, Rongchang Bio’s Vidicumumab invests $2.6 billion. At the same time, in recent years, with the change of human diseases, biological drugs are also on the rising needs, and many companies are laying out the track of R&D biological drug. 


        Hunan Honya Biotec Co., Ltd. has been committed to manufacturing advanced DNA synthesis equipments and integrated synthesis solutions for more than 10 years. Independent research and development design, a team which has a backbone of more than 20 biology professors and engineers who graduated from Tsinghua University. We can provide high-quality raw material resources for life science research fields such as gene research, molecular diagnosis, nucleic acid drug development, etc. At the same time, we are great partner of many pharmaceutical companies, helping them to accelerate R&D and improve efficiency. Work together to help the development and progress of the biomedical industry towards a new century.



Post time: Apr-18-2023